Many circuits within the neocortic and subcortical structures play a central role in controlling aggressive behavior, 取决于类型, and the exact role of signaling pathways may vary 取决于类型 of trigger or intent. [70][3]从这个角度, 没有像说服这样的概念, 侵略, 暴力和犯罪暴力作为独立的建筑存在, but along a continuum in which moderate levels of 侵略 are most adaptable. 这些科学家认为这不是一个微不足道的差别, as they find that many traditional researchers` measures of 侵略 can measure outcomes in the lower continuum, 在自适应水平, but they generalize their results to non-adaptive levels of 侵略 and thus lose accuracy. 在老鼠身上[165], the candidate genes for distinguishing sexual aggressiveness are the sry gene (Y region determining sex), 它位于Y染色体上, Sts基因(类固醇硫酸酯酶). Sts基因编码硫酸根酶, which is essential for regulating the biosynthesis of neurosteroids. 它在两性中都有表达, correlates with the level of aggressiveness in male mice and increases significantly in women after participation and during lactation, 取决于母性攻击的发作时间. [76]至少有一项研究发现了一种可能的表观遗传特征(i.e., decreased methylation at a specific cpG location in the promoter region) of the serotonin 5-HT3a receptor associated with maternal 侵略 in human subjects. [80] Most behavioural specialists believe that 侵略 has biological benefits. Aggression can help an animal secure its territory, including resources such as food and water. Aggression between men often occurs to ensure mating opportunities and leads to the choice of a healthier/stronger animal.

Aggressions can also occur to protect themselves or their offspring. [24] Aggressiveness between groups of animals may also have advantages; 例如, 敌意行为可以迫使一群动物进入一个新的区域, where the need to adapt to a new environment can lead to increased genetic flexibility. 在非哺乳动物中与攻击性相关的基因, the sterile gene in fruit flies is a crucial determinant of certain sexually dimorphic behaviors, and its artificial alteration can lead to the reversal of male and female stereotypes in combat. 我花的就是一切. 我有邻居,完全陌生的人度过一天. 和朋友一起,放松一下,出去吃饭. 花一整天的时间在巫婆那里擦一盒更老的猫粮. . 听苍蝇嗡嗡叫. 他们是最酷的疾病. 有时,这些飞. 让自己被他们腋窝上的蜘蛛网缠住.

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在哺乳动物[17], the hypothalamus and peridotic gray of the central brain are critical areas, 对猫的研究表明, 老鼠和猴子. These areas of the brain control the expression of behavioral and autonomic components of 侵略 in these species, 包括发声. Electrical stimulation of the hypothalamus causes aggressive behavior [71] and the hypothalamus has receptors that help determine levels of 侵略 based on their interactions with serotonin and vasopressin. 在啮齿动物[72], activation of neurons experimenting with estrogen receptors in the ventrary part of the ventrotic hypothalamus (VMHvl) was found to trigger 侵略 in both men and women. [73] [74] The areas of the midbrain involved in 侵略 have direct links to the brain nuclei that control these functions and to structures such as the amygdala and prefrontal cortex. 许多研究人员关注大脑来解释攻击性. 提出一个简单的问题. 你想要的. 你认识的每个人的生活和你留下的一切.

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